• Facilitated 33% annual revenue increase for

   signature brand Hydroxycut, reversing market

   share challenges with new, full media program

   positioning product as #1 in the US.


• Resolved core marketing issues, effectively

   targeting female demographic with relevant

   brand image.

annual revenue increase


  • Conserved costs (matched existing spend + 15%); led teams in creating product videos with on-site celebrity appearances, athletes Rob Gronkowski, Russell Westbrook and Giancarlo Stanton as leads in the "OWN IT "campaign.

  • Created a social media strategy designed around trade show appearance and generating press interest.

UBI Bank

Corporate identity system and

communication design

  • Strengthened brand relevance to consumers (facilitating sales-surpassing forecasts for three years with increased supermarket buying) with new online presence, social media strategy, and e-commerce Managed all print advertising, campaigns and advertisements and package print production standards.


• New CPG brand identity for health-concious women

• E-commerce brand backed by digital, print, & video

• Fastest-growing MRP brand on Amazon in 2017

Russian State Railways

Brand Identity architecture and integrated visual identity development

  • Reinvigorated brand, spearheading 280%+ increase in revenue by identifying optimum brand theme expanded across product line; reviewed brand identity and market criteria and built and tested designs. Created UX/UI standards programs for client websites and mobile applications for online sales programs.

  • Turn around President's Choice Brand with innovative advertising and marketing methods

  • Product line development – Brand Development and Standards – Advertising Campagin's – Retail Ad Strategies

  • Produced near-immediate gains in high-profile signature private label brand, leading effort to redesign packaging, brand standards, and product line. 

  • Recognized with industry awards (Clio, Mobius, London International) for consumer-foucsed design and promotional efforts. Worked in alignment with brand designer Dave Nichol and President's Choice Marketing Director. Oversaw 30-member team and $5M budget. 


• Exclusive premium weight-loss brand for GNC

• Featured in GNC national TV campaign March 2017

• Backed by extensive print and digital

Visual Learning Systems

In class video learning systems, designed to augment formal class curriculum with video documentaries designed for grade school levels 1-7.

Ad campaign

New product focused campaign for MHP sport nutritional.